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Case Study: renfed

renfed is a platform that connects smart farmers with the Agri value chain to create a sustainable ecosystem. Enabling farmers to learn, earn and grow. It is a farmer-first community on a digital-friendly platform, providing access to instant agricultural services and solutions.

  • Assess experts’ advice & new age farmers’ network
  • Access to Agri-technologies and farming facilities
  • Access to off-takers, exports & avenues to scale up
  • Access to substantiated products – quality check, traceability

Download the renfed app here



Allows farmers to like, comment, and share posts uploaded by other farmers and upload their own posts. Each post can be a Photo or a Video.

Farmers can click on any Profile to view more details about another farmer/buyer

Farmer can message 121 to any other person in his network


Allows farmers to get weather updates. Hourly forecast and Daily forecast.

Also, get access to renfed generated content

My Network

Allows access to Circles – groups of farmers, who can communicate with each other

Allows access to news regarding a particular crop/circle

Farmers can share a post to either the public or limited to a circle


Farmers can make a service request to renfed in order to complete any particular task

List of Services currently enabled

Logistics request, Find Buyer, Find Seller, Agri-consulting, Need seeds, Need farm equipment, Crop management, Another request


Farmers can edit their Profile and Showcase any crop

Farmers can Logout etc.


renfed is available in multiple languages.

Farmers can log in and log out via Phone numbers

Farmers can share the app with other users

Business model

renfed is an Agritech platform, planning to change the entire agriculture supply chain ecosystem using technology. It intends to connect farmers to buyers via a Social Media like approach, like LinkedIn/Facebook for farmers. It is a network of farmers.

It enables farmers to connect 121 with other buyers and farmers in the network, interact and transact.

It enables farmers to learn about their particular crop and make educated decisions regarding what crop to harvest, how long to harvest, what season, what manure, etc.

It enables farmers to find a community of like-minded people

It enables farmers to get connected to the right buyer at the right time of Harvest in order to sell his/her crops