innovative multiplex

Case Study: Innovative Multiplex

Here’s a case study on Innovative Multiplex, a movie chain with 7+ locations in Bangalore that partnered with Codegres to build their movie booking system:


Innovative Multiplex faced several challenges when it came to their movie booking system. They had an outdated system that was not user-friendly, making it difficult for customers to book tickets. The system also did not allow admins to efficiently track ticket sales and bookings. Innovative Multiplex needed a modern and efficient booking system that would make it easy for customers to book tickets and for admins to manage sales and bookings.


Innovative Multiplex partnered with Codegres to develop a comprehensive and user-friendly movie booking system. The system included the following features:

  1. Online Booking – The new system developed by Codegres allowed customers to book tickets online through a user-friendly interface. Customers could browse movies and showtimes, choose their seats, and pay for their tickets online. The system also allowed customers to receive QR code-based tickets that could be scanned at the theater entrance.
  2. Admin Panel – Codegres developed an admin panel that allowed Innovative Multiplex to efficiently manage sales and bookings. Admins could view and manage bookings, track ticket sales, and access detailed reports on the system’s performance.
  3. Movie Catalogue – The system developed by Codegres included a comprehensive movie catalogue that allowed customers to browse coming soon and currently showing movies across all Innovative Multiplex locations in Bangalore.


The new movie booking system developed by Codegres helped Innovative Multiplex to achieve significant growth and success. The results included:

  1. Increased Ticket Sales – The user-friendly interface of the new system made it easier for customers to book tickets online, resulting in increased ticket sales.
  2. Improved Customer Experience – The new system provided a more convenient and efficient booking experience for customers, improving their overall experience with Innovative Multiplex.
  3. Efficient Ticket Tracking – The admin panel developed by Codegres made it easy for Innovative Multiplex to track ticket sales and bookings across all locations, improving their overall operational efficiency.


The movie booking system developed by Codegres helped Innovative Multiplex to improve their online booking system and customer experience. The user-friendly interface, comprehensive movie catalogue, and efficient admin panel helped Innovative Multiplex to increase ticket sales, improve customer experience, and track ticket sales and bookings more efficiently. Overall, the partnership between Innovative Multiplex and Codegres resulted in a modern and efficient movie booking system that improved the success of the movie chain.