Web Development

We build Websites for the internet. It can range from simple static pages to full fledged Custom Web Apps

Custom Web App

We build custom Web Apps which can help solve business problems

Static Websites

We build Static Pages to help you market your services

Front end

We build our Front end using React/Angular/Vue

Back end

We build our Back end using NodeJs


We use MongoDB as our Database of choice


We use Amazon Web Services(AWS) as our cloud service provider of choice

Mobile App Development

We also build Mobile Apps


We can build Android Native apps for the Google Play Store


We can build iOS apps for the Apple Store


We build Hybrid Apps using React Native, Unity etc.

Support and Maintenance


We charge a fixed Yearly Maintenance Charge/AMC

Dev Ops

We maintain the infrastructure build while developing the App/Web app


Bug Fixing

We fix all Bugs found during operation of the App/Web app